Subliminal Much?

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This streaming video shows a rather clumsy attempt by FauxSnooz to subliminally influence American voters. [1:15].

So .. do you think this might work by influencing innocent minds to vote against a person's best interests?

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I am an enthusiastic multimedia programmer - I write video filters and even video codecs, and I know a fair bit about the theory of MPEG and it's practical implimentation. My expert oppinion is that there is no concievable way that image was inserted accidentially by some glitch in an encoder causing it to throw out it's old buffer. Just can't happen, unless deliberatly engineered.

Note that I am not eliminating the possibility of this video being a forgery - to do that, I would need to gain access to a copy of the video recorded during the broadcast and which I can be sure had not been tampered with since.