Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Poster 7

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Which Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince poster is your favorite? After you've seen them all (I've found ten so far), I am going to ask you to vote for your favorite!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince;

Poster 1 (also includes trailer number one and interview with the characters).

Poster 2.

Poster 3.

Poster 4.

Poster 5.

Poster 6.

Poster 7.

Poster 8.

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There are currently no REAL posters for the Half-Blood Prince film, so any you show here are all fake.

By Betty sue (not verified) on 05 Aug 2008 #permalink

Yes, they are "fake" in the sense they are not official.

But they are quite real, fan made posters. And some have very good ideas, even if they can't have all the resources for a studio shot and original photos.