London Update: Note This, My Intertube Pals

I found a decent pub in London that provides free wifi and a wall outlet so I can plug in my laptop and stay until they shoo me out when the pubs close! Can you hear me screaming in ecstacy? Of course, it had to be my last night here, just before I have to get up early so I can make my flight to the States tomorrow. Can you believe my luck? Actually, I am not sure if this is good or bad luck, but the fact that they have decent ale in addition to wifi and access to an outlet is pure joy for me. For those of you coming to London who might be searching for something similar, here's precisely where they are located.

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"...and with a pleasant and inoffensive air."

...truelol... Loved that thought. Something I always look for in a bar.

'Good or bad luck'..?? Hard to say.

Have a safe trip home.