A Flock of Parrots take over the Tonight Show

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This streaming video is a clip from the Tonight Show, hosted by Jay Leno. This show was guest hosted by several talking parrots, who actually stole the show, if you ask me [8:35].

Did they perform "I Ran (so far away)"?

Did they perform "I Ran (so far away)"?

- They're saving that for when Steven Segal is a guest....

"She sounds like she has a bit of a diphthong!"

Oh, for a general public knowledge of basic phonetics...

The parrots were wonderful, but Leno gives me a headache.

haha Groucho will probably never sing again after seeing that terrifying trophy. He was about to throw down.

Also, Groucho's owner will probably never go on the Jay Leno show again after being molested.