Science Blog Carnivals: Another Endangered Species

Okay, what's happening here, you guys? It seems that yet another blog carnival, Oekologie, has gone the way of the passenger pigeon. And I even volunteered to host this blog carnival by leaving a message on the site, but my message was discarded. I am happy to help rescue science-y blog carnivals, but I need some help, and some of that help can come in the form of (1) ASKING me and others to host the carnival when the host list has diminished to less than three future hosts, (2) not ignoring people who are actually coming out of their basement lairs to volunteer to host a particular carnival and (3) making sure that we all have the necessary information to do a good job (submission list or access to the carnival's email account; the carnival's "mission statement" or "statement of purpose" and adequate lead time so we can advertise and thereby generate interest among potential participants and future hosts).

Here's the list of science-y blog carnivals that are currently not actively publishing;

  1. Tangled Bank -- supposedly on hiatus until .. last week? Hello?? Well, that's what PZ said! Anyway, I am ready to step in at any moment to take over, PZ, so just give me the word and I'll do it!
  2. Carnival of the Spineless -- even though this is not my area of expertise, I and several other ScienceBloggers are trying to rescue this one, but .. alas, Tony G has not approached any of us with the necessary information so we can get this carnival going again. C'mon, Tony! Step lively! Since I opened my mouth publicly about this one, I will carry this one until it gets more community support, which means all of you, my peeps, are stuck helping me out. Kevin Zelnio might be managing this one.
  3. Encephalon -- is seeking hosts! Please email Alvaro to volunteer.
  4. Oekologie -- dead? Hey, I'll host this one, so who am I supposed to beg to be awarded this honor?
  5. Mendel's Garden -- also dead? Apparently, this one is still going.
  6. The Boneyard -- also dead?

Look guys, I am happy to help out and to coordinate the "rescue" of these blog carnivals, but I am neither a mind-reader nor a magician: whoever owns these things needs to contact me so I can help. Otherwise, I am going to sit in the corner and growl a lot.

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thanks for letting me know, kevin, i added you to the list. hopefully, we can get all these blog carnivals sorted out in the next week or so.

Clearly Oekologie has suffered an extinction, Mendel's Garden has become recessive, The Boneyard is now in the graveyard and the Tangled Bank has been cleared to make way for a mega-church.

I love your humor Bob!