The World's Smallest Seahorse

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Satomi's pygmy seahorse, endemic to Indonesia, is one of the world's tiniest seahorses. Two adults would fit head-to-head across the face of a penny and their offspring are each about the size of a 12-point apostrophe.

Image: Stephen Wong and Takako Uno/National Geographic.

At under half an inch tall (13 millimeters), Satomi's pygmy seahorse -- named after dive guide Satomi Onishi -- is a strong contender for the world's smallest seahorse. With their tails stretched out straight, two Satomi's pygmy seahorses would fit head-to-head across the face of a penny.

These miniscule seahorses from Indonesian reefs have been seen giving birth to tiny offspring, each about the size of a 12-point apostrophe.

Together with two other species, Satomi's pygmy seahorses were named in a December 2008 study.

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Boy, does this capture my imagination and bring back my days of diving in the tropics! I never saw this one, but the rare times I saw a seahorse I was smitten.

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WOOW!!!! it's soooo beautiful i don't have words.....