Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film as 'Fun, Watchable'

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I'm not sure I want to see the new Star Trek film. Based on this video report, long time fans of the Star Trek franchise say JJ Abrams' enjoyable, engaging prequal betrays what Star Trek is all about. [2:22]

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I have a general rule of thumb about Sci-Fi movies: The better the film is, the more women will be in the audience! I saw the movie last weekend and there were quite a few women watching it!

By Ian Paulsen (not verified) on 15 May 2009 #permalink

[quote]I have a general rule of thumb about Sci-Fi movies: The better the film is, the more women will be in the audience! I saw the movie last weekend and there were quite a few women watching it![/quote] Makes it easier for the socially inept nerds and geeks to be acceptable, get a movie date and laid.

this is the onion here, this whole report is fake. slightly funny.

I watched about 3/4 of the movie and it's just dumb. The entire crew is an average age of 20 and Kirk gets promoted from Ensign to Captain in about a day. If you want good Star Trek you have to watch The Next Generation, First Contact, or some of the Enterprise episodes. The fact that this movie has an 8.5 on imdb and First Contact only has a 7.6 is a sin.

This is what happens when directors try to make good franchises more accessible to the masses. They get turned into crap. It reminds me of Star Wars Episode 2.

I disagree. I went with my husband last night expecting not to like it. I was happily surprised. The re-casting worked for us.

If anything the movie was more like Old Trek -- Kirk gets his ass stomped in about every scene, always on the ropes but somehow pulls a victory. He's also trying to make it with just about anything female.

Spock was a bit more human and you could feel the struggle inside him. He was not perfect and was better for his flaws.

Karl Urban owned the character of Bones! I swear he was channeling DeForrest Kelly.

And Simon Pegg as Scotty was hysterical. This version dared to be serious but still keep that touch of fun that is so sadly missing from most of the Star Trek films.

The movie works, it is enjoyable, and there is plenty of action. It gives nods to the original series but dares to go in a whole new direction. They dared change the rules a bit and I think this is what the die-hard Trekkies have the most issue with.

As for the rapid promotion of Kirk to Captian, that was a bit forced but I think future Spock had something to do with it. In any case it sets the stage nicely for the next film. We want to see Kirk as captain, not as a junior officer.

Go see it, you will have a good time. I want to see it again and I can't wait to see where they go with the next one.

What was so bad about Star Wars Episode 2, It was certainly better than episode 1, and isn't star trek far fetched in the first place with the idea that the captain is always the first person to venture on to a dangerous planet, which makes the fact that they are all 20 negligible. And over time imdb evens itself out.

By Anonymous (not verified) on 17 May 2009 #permalink

I think the new Star Trek follows many of the old Star Trek's hall marks perfectly! Alternate realities, time travel, making it with hot alien babes, Kirk kicking ass... I mean no, there was no Gorn, but he kicked ass none the less! lol
I thought it was a great movie and there were a lot of nods to the original series (He's wearing red. You know he's not coming back!). Especially loved Nemoy's cameo!
All in all, it was a great movie I think.
As for the dissenting voice above me, the fact that he's telling us to go watch Next Generation for "good Star Trek" proves he doesn't know what he's talking about! I mean, ya it's okay, but if you want GOOD you have to right to the source with the original series!

This is an Onion video and thus as fake as they come.

I'm a long time fan of the Trek series and even the normally disappointing films. Only two were worth watching, Wrath of Khan and First Contact. This film is better than all of them. If you realize one thing, that the altered timeline starts at the very first scene, then the entire film and story from this point forward is an open slate.

It's good, fun and Star Trek. Go and enjoy it.