Even My Name is Sexy ... How About Yours?

Goddess Rendering Rapturous Loving

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But I actually like this name better;

Gorgeous Ravishing Reveler Readily Rendering Rapturous, Rousing Recreation and Relentless Loving

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But I am such an amazing lover that, when I give the generator my full name -- "GrrlScientist" -- it blows up! But when I give it my name in bits and pieces, it gives me this (see above the jump for the first part of my name);

Sexy Charming Individual Exchanging Naughty Touches and Intense, Sensual Trysts

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Smart is the new sexy, and you don't need a name generator for that!!

but then again what woman wouldn't be swept off her feet by K.E.V.I.N.: Knockout Exchanging Vibrations and Intense Necking. woooohooooo

C.O.T.U.R.N.I.X.: Charming One Tirelessly Undertaking Recreation and Naughty, Intense Xperiences


B.O.R.A.: Bloke Offering Rapturous Affection


Z.I.V.K.O.V.I.C.: Zestful Individual Volunteering Kind Orgasms and Velvety, Intense Caresses

Less romantically, Grrl could be a Grim, Ravenous Ravager from the Labyrinth: Sinister, Cheerleader-Injuring, Explorer-Nabbing Terror from the Isolated Sunless Tower.

The tower is evidently (a) ivory, and (b) in the labyrinth. Which, I guess, is a good place to be to nab explorers. You're more likely to find them there than outside McDonalds.

Fine Adonis Readily Giving Orgasms

If anyone mistakes me for an adonis, they must be off their meds.

Tantalizing One Administering Sensual Touches and Erotic Recreation.

Somehow the use of "Administering" and "Recreation" make me think of a bureaucracy, which is definitely not tantalizing.

Although my pseudy last name:
Stud Unreservedly Needing Sensual Hugs and Intense, Naughty Embraces

HahahaHA! I like the tautology there.