The iPhone Ad You'll Never See

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Apple's iPhone ads tell you that whatever you want to do, "there's an app for that." But what if you're trying to solve problems with the iPhone itself? Here's a ad spoof that addresses this, too.

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Brilliant. Could only be written by an iphone user.

Maybe he should just scroll to the left to find the built in app finder...

By Anonymous (not verified) on 27 Aug 2009 #permalink

I like how the battery was as good as dead.... and he wonders why the call failed...yeah maybe the signal quality went down.... you think?

@matt It's no secret that the iPhone's battery dies faster than nearly any other phone. It may have been shown so low to poke fun at this. I mean, when I saw it that is the first thing I thought.
Then again I'm sure things look different to people who don't despise the iPhone.

And as a friend of a person who has the "Look at my awesome app" problem. I really wish some more people knew about that last app.

love it. although, to make it a little more professional you should have kept "fuck" out of it.

I think my favorite way to cut down the iPhone fanbois a few notches is to point out that, aside from the gimmicks, I could to everything an iPhone could do and more with my Treo years earlier.

More irritating is when they act like or even CLAIM the iPhone was the first or only phone to do something, like have a web browser or MP3 player.

By Anonymous (not verified) on 27 Aug 2009 #permalink

Say you want a phone better than an iPhone.. get a fucking Samsung Omnia with cooked rom Windows Mobile 6.5 ;)

@ Matt: Leave it to the iPhone-ee's to.. y'know, not get the symbolism of the dead battery.



My G1 can kick your iPhones ass. =\
Marvelous battery life AND a keyboard. Win.

I just like the fact that he didn't even emulate the iPhone OS properly. Whenever you slide pages, the very botton 4 apps don't move, hence the reason they are on the "Most Used" bar. If you're gonna make fun of something, but sure you do it correctly, idiot.

@stephen Check again, they stay the same the whole time

well stephen i don't particularly see why he would even have to emulate software if it was worth a shit.... practically any program/os/whatever should be set to go outta the box, and of course i assume ur just pissed because your boyfriend steven jobs invented it and u don't want anyone to hurt your pumpkin's feelings

Iphone is just like any other apple product really, just OVERRATED. Apple does something and it is considered revolutionary. Palm's, Blackberry's, and other smart-phones have been doing these revolutionary things for years. Palm is actually doing something right now that is REVOLUTIONARY with the webos and that is offering true MULTITASKING on a smart-phone. I'm in wireless sales and one of those Iphone fanboi's claimed that the Iphone was the first phone to offer web browsing, wifi, and email. Don't get me wrong the Iphone does a good job at what it does but overall looking at it, it just doesn't live up to the hype. Phones have been doing these things for years. They just weren't limited to an "App Store", btw which isn't that kind of restricting instead of revolutionary.


love it. although, to make it a little more professional you should have kept "fuck" out of it.

A bit too professional; it could easily be mistaken for a real ad. In fact, it actually would be indistinguishable from an ad. A cell phone that tells you where the nearest payphone is when you've got no signal? Where one of your biggest nightmares is you'll have too many apps? People are going to get sick of you showing off the gadgets? The only problem I see is I can't afford it.

The word 'fuck' is the only thing that makes it entertainment.

Mike, no wireless companies ever gave the touch screen phone a second look before the iPhone, but now they're all scrambling to come up with an OS (including Palm) that provides the same level of usability as the iPhone.

Also notice how they're all trying to copy the App Store concept as well...

Hahahaha... iPhone sucks... I am so much happier with the my touch G3 phone with Google... what do you expect!?!??! Google's the best!

I am an iphone user, and i can honestly say that I absolutely love this video. i love my iphone, best phone i've ever had, but this video is so true. the truth is that apps are to the iphone what full motion control is to the wii. a gimmick. practically every phone on the market has some sort of gimmick to make it stand out among the rest of them. it just so happens that the iPhone's is more obvious than most. accept it, love it. have a cookie, and move on!