Forest Carbon 101: How Much Carbon Does a Tree Sequester?

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You know that trees store carbon, but what does that really mean? How much carbon does the tree outside your window store, and how does that compare to the carbon we emit when we travel or power our homes?

How many trees are in your yard? I don;t have a yard (I have a fire escape), but my neighborhood is being revitalized by BYC's "Million Trees" project, so roughly by the time that I leave for Germany, the city will be planting trees on the street in front of my building (and then, no doubt, some testosterone-poisoned nature-hating idiot will kill them a month or two later .. sigh!)

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This is a very interesting post, I never realized just how much carbon a single tree can sequester. I am very much interested in "the million trees" project you mentioned and am now compelled to research it. Unfortunately you are probably right about the nature hating freak coming and killing the trees, but I think there is still hope for the next generation to be more accepting toward nature, at least more than this one. Again, very interesting post.