Minuscule Dragonflies Bully other Insects

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If the previous video wasn't enough to make you laugh, then this one will do the trick. Silly, funny, fun, but .. is there a meaning to this?

Or maybe I should instead have entitled this "Ladybug pwns Dragonflies"?

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is there a meaning to this?

it's a Disney short. has there ever been a "meaning" beyond humor for most of their shorts? :)

By falnfenix (not verified) on 10 Nov 2009 #permalink

I hope you will like my video of "Grasshoppers At The Smithsonian with The North Carolina Governor's School West 2009." The behaviors are WILD and the music is AMAZING!
I have been filming (videotaping) dragonflies and wildlife for nine years. I have developed a most unusal habitat and even a relationship with the dragonflies and lizards that populate this particular area. I have recorded some incredible behaviors and interactions with humans. Due to computer and camera issues, and a bout with encephalitis, I ...have only recently been able to start uploading my edited videos to YouTube. This is my first "finished" short project. My daughter, Alexandra Smith, attended The North Carolina Governor's School West in the summer of 2009 and sang with this chorus. The North Carolina Governor's School provides a summer enrichment program for gifted teenagers. If you would like to see a hint what I am attempting to accomplish with the dragonflies, watch and listen carefully to the end-the last insects are bizarre.