Eddie Izzard Learns French

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This video is a clip of the very talented comedian Eddie Izzard. Eddie Izzard talks about the trials with using the French phrases in everyday conversations that he's learned in his French classes.

Perhaps you prefer English subtitles?

More information about Eddie: he ran 43 marathons in 7 weeks, has an honorary doctorate from the University of Sheffield, is one of the top 20 comics of all time... oh and he likes to wear woman's clothing too. This last personal habit provides plenty of entertainment for his audiences.

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As always, he is very funny. As no one can entertain people. A true professional. The most amusing me in the movie on youtube "Brit Vs. U.S. Movies". I recommend to all.

Two more must-see - Darth Vader on the Death Star Cafe and how the Church of England could not possibly have had an Inquisition. Both are on youtube in versions with Lego which makes it even better.

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