Forest of Ecstasy: Vanguard

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Do you think that making and using illegal drugs are victimless crimes? Think again! Deep in a remote Cambodian rainforest, criminals are setting up illegal factories to produce safrole oil, the raw ingredient for the illegal Schedule I drug, ecstasy (methylenedioxymethamphetamine or MDMA). Adam Yamaguchi joins armed forest rangers on a search and destroy mission.

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The logic behind this posting bothers me. People are setting up covert factories deep in the forest because it's an effective place to hide your operations from law enforcement. Whiskey distilleries usually don't show up in these sorts of places--see my point?

Notice the repetitive use of the words "illegal drugs", "illegal factories", "criminals", "illegal schedule 1 drug." These words are intended as a substitute for an argument.

These rain-forest factories would completely cease if the prohibition on MDMA was ended. The optimal trees for producing Safrole oil are in Brazil and North America, so Cambodia (the victims I guess) would not be involved were it not for prohibition.

Yes, but that would piss off God and let people have fun. The war against drugs is SO effective.

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