Do You Read News About Science at Least Once per Week (poll)?

TheTimes Online had a poll on one of their blogs last month, asking their readers if science in their free time is a 'guy-thing'? Who is reading their blog? So I thought I'd also write a poll asking something similar. The poll (below the jump) was written quickly, but with the intention of gathering as much data as possible from answers to that one question (If you check their poll and mine, you'll find the data I am collecting is somewhat different from theirs). I am going to let the poll run for one month and will summarize the answers at the end. I admit that I am as curious as you are about the answers this will generate. Feel free to leave comments as well, since I find those interesting and they may help me think of another poll question or how to refine this poll question.

Do you read news about science at least once per week?
Yes, and I am female, younger than 21
Yes, and I am male, younger than 21
Yes, and I am female 21-30 years old
Yes, and I am male 21-30 years old
Yes, and I am female 31-40 years old
Yes, and I am male 31-40 years old
Yes, and I am female 41-50 years old
Yes, and I am male 41-50 years old
Yes, and I am female 51-60 years old
Yes, and I am male 51-60 years old
Yes, and I am female 61 or more years old
Yes, and I am male 61 or more years old
No, and I am female
No, and I am male free polls

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May I suggest adding another question: "Should everyone be made to learn Creationism from the age of 4?". Then make sure the right people get to hear about it, and you'll have plenty of votes.

I'm utterly baffled by the Times report... I'm a 22 year old female and the biggest science geek I know. Although maybe that's a Scottish things. Our men are too busy getting drunk on whisky to bother with science...

I read science news several times a week, I'm 22 and I can't answer your poll as I'm genderqueer, not male/female.

thank you sophia for your comment. can you suggest wording that i can use to get at this information without causing offense?

A short rant: As previously discussed by many, see below The Times is very sexist, so any results from a poll on their website is invalid because they specifically discourage a whole section of society (A large section, women plus non-sexist men) from reading anything by them so the results of the poll will probably be biased.…

Good for you for doing your own poll and I'm sure the results on your page will be far more interesting!!

By Samantha Alsbury (not verified) on 04 Feb 2010 #permalink

The Times (or more accurately, The Sunday Times, now owned by The Times) is a notoriously anti-rational "newspaper", who so ticked off the late James Maddox (former editor of Nature) that he ran a series of editorials in Nature attacking The (Sunday) Time's HIV-AIDS denialism. Ignore this bullshite sheet, the people who propagandise there, and this pollâthey are fools, ignorant, and as clewless as Mike Adams and as worthless as Faux News.

the times online poll refers specifically to podcasts. maybe guys would rather listen than read. i prefer to get my daily fix by reading or viewing video/pix. podcasts, not so much! could it be the medium that's skewing the results?

Female, 50, and read science news constantly, but I am way out of step with my peers -- of both sexes.