Ask A Biologist ReLaunch!

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Dave Hone emailed to ask me to announce to you that his popular educational website, Ask a Biologist, has finally found several sponsors and has been relaunched!

This site has been published continuously for 3 years and during that time, Dave's team of biologists have answered nearly 2500 questions and more importantly has served over 500,000 readers. But because this is done on a voluntary basis, Dave and his team have had trouble advertising and getting the site upgraded. Thanks to several grants, the new site is up and running. This is a vast improvement over the old site; it looks nicer, functions better, and should be much easier to use for both readers and experts.

All they need now is for people to use the site. That means YOU need to ask them questions! Dave and his team are providing a service that few others can or will do; real access to science and scientists for the general public with no filter. The feedback they get suggests that many people find the site both useful and exciting and they get great responses from teachers and students and even other researchers. I encourage you to link, write about them, or even join them in their discussions.

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What a great site! I'll pass that on to my young nephew, whose quite interested in zoology, (especially reptiles).