A Small Announcement

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This is a really strange announcement of a pregnancy and impending birth by a couple who apparently thought they'd never have their own kid. I wonder what the relatives think about the entire world tuning in to watch this announcement?

And why aren't they naming the kids Luke and Leia after all that? Hmph.

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Em-chan (over my shoulder):

"See! Quiet, nerdy people are reproducing! Well, it was quiet, nerdy people who went to the moon. Quiet, nerdy people go far!"

(Em-chan, also a quiet nerdy person, has said I'll never be a grandma... Is there A New Hope?)

Aw, why so negative? I thought it was a funny way to announce a pregnancy.

First of all, "the world" certainly does NOT tune in to watch every youtube video posted. Most videos *weren't* picked up by boingboing (as this was... probably to their dismay) and have < 100 views.

Second, we don't even know what state user "jjhays" lives in (assuming they're in the US, but even that's not certain. So the lost privacy, etc. isn't as lost as it appears.