I'm a Scientist, Get me out of Here!

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This video describes a new online program targeted to UK teenagers; "I'm a Scientist, Get me out of Here!" This program's goals are to provide teens access to real scientists, to provide them the opportunity to get beyond stereotypes about scientists, to learn how science relates to real life and to provide the scientists with feedback on their communication style -- can they explain their work to teenagers? Hundreds of teens ask the scientists questions online about what they do, and they vote for the scientist they want to win â¤500. Added smugpoints: a Nature Network colleague of mine, Stephen Curry, who also was one of the hosts for Scientia Pro Publica, has volunteered!

Find out more.

Scientists who take part :
*Have fun!
*Inspire and engage young people
*Develop their communication skills (there's nothing like a chatroom full of teenagers to give you instant feedback on whether the way you explain your work makes any sense)

The next event will be 14-25th June.

You can read more about what teachers, students and scientists thought about the pilot in this report [free PDF].

If you are a teacher and wish to give your students an introduction to the program, this video is for you:

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Oh wow, thanks for featuring our event, GrrlScientist! I'm glad you like it:-)

I'd add that anyone can access the website and read the questions scientists are asked and the answers they give. So you're all welcome to come and have a look! Although only students from participating schools can actually ASK questions.

And of course it's too late to sign up for the next event, but teachers and scientists can sign up for next year from the 'Find out more' link above.

Also, you can follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/imascientist
Or follow the list of participants in the June event at http://twitter.com/imascientist/ias2010-june