BP Executives Deeply Affected by OilSpill Parody

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As part of an hour-long live online interview with the NewsHour's Ray Suarez, BP executive Bob Dudley responds to questions from the public, including a video parodying the BP response effort.

I do feel sympathetic towards the BP peons -- you know, those people whom the executives depend upon but who are constantly trying not to be screwed out of pay raises, or their health insurance or retirement benefits as the result of the executives' continuing scummy efforts to increase their own bottom line. However, I am completely unmoved by Bob's whining in view of the fact that BP's gross negligence directly caused this disaster in the first place.

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Puke-making. From the Casual Friday look to the appeal to patriotism ("part of the fabric of America") to the crisis-management team's required we-feel-the-pain look in his eye. Fuck him and his criminal corporation.

Y'know, if some stranger happened to see Tony Hayward walking down the street minding his own business, and stepped up and just beat the living crap out of him - that person would go to jail, but would also become a global hero.

Not that I'm trying to put any suggestions into anyone's mind, of course...

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 16 Jul 2010 #permalink