Rachel Maddow reports from the Right Wing alternate reality

This Youtube is long, but it is very well done, and frankly hilarious. Many of our favorite denier memes would fit in very comfortably as well.

Of course, after the laughing stops, the congressional hearings will begin.

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On behalf of every rational person who lives in the Minnesota 6th district, I apologize for all of the Whoppers perpetrated by Michelle Bachmann. On the other hand, it appears that if we had managed to not reelect her, Ms. Maddow would have much shorter commentaries in the future.

"On the other hand, it appears that if we had managed to not reelect her, Ms. Maddow would have much shorter commentaries in the future."

Hardly. I can't get enough of Rachael, and the rightwing insane-o-sphere would still provide more material to mock and flatten, than there are hours in the day.

I think the final statement sums up the whole climate change debate perfectly. Deniers live in their own little deniersphere, with their great gods of watts and monckton etc, constantly reinforcing their own delusions, which no amount of evidence or facts can shatter.

As Rachel says, "How do you talk to those people?"

This is a perfect illustration of what Dan Dennett calls dangerous memes. Before mass media communications (radio, tv, Internet) such dangerous memes would tend to hold the unfortunate host at a severe disadvantage and infection would be restricted to a local area. Now dangerous memes have several new vectors by which to infect hosts in remote locations, so even if they ended up debilitating the hosts soon after infection, they can self-sustain and spread so long as there are always an ample supply of new hosts to infect quickly.