Echinoderms Emerge Victorious!

It was a long, hard, and tumultuous battle, but the clash of the titans that began here at The Intersection--that will go down in science blogging history as the Great Marine Invertebrate Wars--has ended.  And yes readers, our own fighting echinoderm has emerged victorious! 

The final showdown happened this weekend when Jason of Cephalopodcast brought [pins of] the inverts to ScienceOnline'09 so attendees could take sides by declaring allegiances. And those poor squiggly cephalopods didn't stand a chance... It was literally a blowout as echinoderm fever took the blogging conference by storm!

i-90871bfcadd8eb96476478517bef7b81-pucker and bloat.png

Bora, Vanessa, and I led the charge and even Kevin's Saturday sea shanty couldn't hope to save the sinking molluscs. And with that, another war is over...

So congratulations to echinoderms everywhere--especially, my very favorite, the ever-charismatic sea cucumber.  Long live Holothuroidea!

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Wow, this is the epitome of one-sided reporting. It was quite different perspective "in the trenches". This is far from over Sheril Kirshenbaum!

Jason R wrote:Now that the first skirmish is/isn't settled, anyone up for a polychaete versus arthropod kerfuffle?

I'm thinking that battle occurred during the Ordovician as I often find the remains of crinoids and scolecodonts intermingled from rocks of that age. :)

I demand a recount - there is no representation of mollusca there, and denying mollusks the right to be heard is . . . . not racism . . . . speciesism? And equally important, how do we get our buttons out here in the "real" world?

And equally important, how do we get our buttons out here in the "real" world?

Details in comments here.