Leaving Louisiana... With Or Without Pluto

While in Shreveport, Louisiana also we stopped at the Science Center to stretch our legs in the gift shop. Friendly folks, but still a reminder of the unfortunate Pluto affair. About half of the solar system mobiles, puzzles, and games had the 9th planet and the other half--not so much. What's a space-loving youngster to think? Ironically, I was wearing my Vote For Pluto t-shirt... My allegiances are with the underdog.

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I think we may need a change of viewpoint here. After all, other parts of the solar system are dominated by absolute monarchs, who have ruthlessly devoured or enslaved anything near them. The Kuiper belt on the other hand has a president - after, isn't Pluto simply the first among equals? I think it was quite appropriate that it was discovered by an American.

In the words of Dr. Neal DeGrase Tyson on The Daily Show " Pluto should quit whining and just hang out with his own little friends".

Well, ok I am paraphrasing -but not by much! I say good riddance to bad rubbish. Suck on it Pluto.

Pluto's always a planet. Tyson can't redo the galaxy. Please....

Sheril, we're loving your road trip? Are you stopping in AZ?

You're right, and Tyson is wrong. Pluto is a planet because unlike most objects in the Kuiper Belt, it is large enough to have pulled itself into a round shape--a state known as hydrostatic equilibrium. When that happens, an object becomes geologically differentiated just like the larger planets and unlike inert, shapeless asteroids and Kuiper Belt Objects. Tyson never addresses this crucial difference. As for the solar system products, support the ones that are keeping Pluto by purchasing only them. Many manufacturers continue to include Pluto knowing this debate is not over and that Pluto is both popular and still believed by many astronomers to be a planet.