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I must admit that the attention this blog has been getting as of late has left me astonished (when I first started writing I wondered if anyone would ever read my posts), and Eric of The Primate Diaries has given my ego another boost by bestowing The Intellectual Blogger Award upon me (my only regret is that I can't give him the same award in return). Part of the joy of receiving such recognition is passing it on, however, and I've been thinking long and hard about which other bloggers really get my mental wheels turning when I read their work. Envelope, please...


The Anterior Commissure

Kate's excellent writing and admirable coverage of topics that are often ignored or undiscussed by other bloggers easily puts her at the top of the list. Although I am a relative newcomer to her blog, the constant flow of impressive and thought-provoking material is sure to make her the envy of many other science bloggers, and if you are not reading her work you are certainly missing out.

Tetrapod Zoology

I seriously don't know how Darren does it; the man is a walking encyclopedia who has a mastery of so many subjects that his work can be downright intimidating. I know of no other science blogger that puts so much time and effort into their work, nor any with such a broad scope of knowledge about zoology, and it's no surprise that Tetrapod Zoology is essentially the #1 paleontology blog in existence today (and I wouldn't expect this to change). It is impossible to read Darren's work and not learn something new, and an addition of Tetrapod Zoology to your blogroll is an absolute essential even if you have only a passing interest in zoology.

Thoughts in a Haystack

One of the most famous lines from the film Inherit the Wind is "I do not think about things I do not think about," but the things John of Thoughts in a Haystack does not think about are few. Indeed, Thoughts in a Haystack is bursting at the seams with considerations of the history and philosophy of science, both in centuries past and what's important to know about some of today's debates. John's blog always provides ample food for thought, and I doubt that you'll mind getting lost in the "haystack" of excellent writing.

Greg Laden

From anthropology to politics to framing, there are few bloggers as prolific or insightful as Greg Laden. Even missing one day's worth of posts can put you behind, which is a shame as Greg's commentary is a joy to read, be it on serious topics or with a more humorous slant. Whatever the topic, though, Greg's work really sets the bar high for other bloggers and it's no wonder that his is one of the most well-read science blogs around.

The Ethical Palaeontologist

Julia is out right now at SVP (as I wish I could be), but I'm sure this award will be a pleasant surprise for when she gets back. While her writing is perhaps not as well known as some of the other recipients I've listed, Julia approaches her chosen topics with an honesty and style that is very refreshing, regardless of whether it's about the latest dinosaur find or the experience of women in academia. The Ethical Palaeontologist is certainly a blog to watch (if you haven't been already), and I expect that it will continue to gain popularity as Julia continues her excellent writing on her blog.

There are plenty of other blogs that have influenced my own writing (and some I wish I could award here), but the chosen five are the ones that I read on a daily basis and nearly always cause me to say "Hmm, I never thought of that before." Hopefully they will pass the awards along to other writers whom they admire and enjoy, and I am certainly proud to have been recognized by Eric, who surely would have been on this list had he not just received the award himself.

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Woo-hoo, finally - some recognition! :)

Thanks Brian - and sorry I haven't bigged up your Sb status yet, I must do so ASAP. Next post, promise.

wow, thanks! a recent laelaps convert myself, i can vouch for how well-deserved your own award is. keep up the great writing!

see you at the SCC talk tomorrow p.m.?

You're all very welcome! While there were some blogs that I wanted to include (I wanted to keep the list to 5) these were the ones that immediately sprang to mind and have been the most enjoyable for me to read.

Kate; I'll definitely be at the SCC talk, provided that I don't get lost...

Congrats! Your blog is a pleasure to read...and I agree about Darren's and Julia's blog. They're wonderful as well. I check your blog and theirs, first thing, when I get to work each day.

Well deserved!

Thank you so much for the award Brian! I'm only just back in Blighty, and have so much to blog about, but I will get round to publicly acknowledging this asap. I'm touched by your compliments!