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Thanks to all those who have been sending their ideas about why they like comparative physiology. Two non-science students sent me a list this week with the reasons they think comparative physiology is interesting. Do they deserve a Dolittle t-shirt? At least for "originality"?

  • Animals and their adaptations (or maladaptations in some cases) offer insight into the human condition.
  • Every day is casual day for a comparative physiologist's subjects.
  • Birds, sharks, horses, insects - all animals are "natural" teachers.
  • Non-human vertebrates may hold the answers to questions humans haven't even thought up yet.
  • Animals are just frankly more interesting than most people we know.

Let me know what you think. Will post the update next week.

To try your chance at a FREE "What's new in comparative physiology" t-shirt just in time for Experimental Biology 2012, send Dr. Dolittle your reasons for enjoying comparative physiology. Be sure to also tell Dr. Dolittle what you are most looking forward to at the meeting. A new winner will be chosen every week prior to EB! If you are caught wearing Dr. Dolittle promotional items (official or homemade) at the meeting, you just may win a $10 Starbucks gift card! Just remember, the item MUST say either: "Dr. Dolittle", "Life Lines", or "comparative physiology".

To enter, send your reasons to Dr. Dolittle at drdlttl01@gmail.com

Good luck everyone! I look forward to hearing your ideas about why you like comparative physiology.

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