How dogs may be able to help in the fight against cancer

Dr. Liz Phular and colleagues at the University of Minnesota have been testing an experimental cancer treatment for brain tumors in dogs that also offers hope to humans with brain tumors:


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Look, scientists are nuts.  Virologists, on the other hand, are certifiably insane.  As Hedwig would say, virologists make the strangest things seem suddenly routine.  Yesterdays absurd future technology (GENE THERAPY!) is now something as miraculous as curing genetic diseases, and as mundane as an…

I think if Murphy wasn't fed typical slaughterhouse sourced dog food, he probably would'nt have gotten the tumor, just like people who eat factory-farmed animal proteins.

The right diet is such a powerful preventative measure and cure for many ailments.

We'll never win the war against cancer with our present approach. When you comprehend what cancer is and why there's a lot of it these days you will comprehend why they will never discover a cure. It is exactly the same as trying to locate a remedy for scurvy which of course everybody knows is really a vitamin C deficiency illness. With scurvy it's easily cured by consuming a food item that contains the missing vitamin.

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