I am listening Pretoria! Since there have been so many wonderful discussions led by students from the University of Pretoria over the last couple of years (refer to the comments), I thought I would recognize this wonderful place.  First of all, thank you for being so actively involved in the blog for your classes. I am sure your professors are proud. Since the university has over 230 different degrees, diplomas or certificates, I cannot determine which program you are from, but I appreciate your support.

Nature reserves and walks in Pretoria, South Africa are home to an abundant array of wildlife including zebra, ostrich, duiker, impala as well as the following:


Image of Springbok from Wikimedia Commons


Image of Blesbok from Wikimedia Commons


File:Burchell's Coucal Centropus burchelli.jpg Image of Buchell's coucal from Wikimedia Commons


File:Malachite Kingfisher 1.jpg Image of Malachite Kingfisher from Wikimedia Commons


File:African Hoopoe - Upupa africana.jpg Image of African Hoopoe from Wikimedia Commons

among many others...

Please share your favorites!


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Thank you for recognising us students from the University of Pretoria. We all fall under the Natural and Agricultural sciences faculty. -(15086080)

By Kelly (15086080) (not verified) on 10 Apr 2015 #permalink

Thank you for keeping science alive through your writing. It is appreciated. I enjoy this very much!!!!

By Ilze Dreyer u1… (not verified) on 11 Apr 2015 #permalink

Thought I might specify our national animal, fish, plant and bird.
Animal: Sprinbok, this is also the symbol of our iconic national rugby team.
Fish: Galjoen, which is a smallish fish endemic to the cold southern waters of South Africa.
Plant: Protea, an amazingly beautiful flower and the symbol for our national cricket team.
Bird: Blue crane: a tall majestic bird which is quit rare but truly a beautiful sight.

By Donovin van To… (not verified) on 11 Apr 2015 #permalink

Pretoria is truly a special place. Not only do we have the wildlife but we also have great geology; places like the Magaliesberg Formation where the Pretoria Group and Transvaal Supergroup meet. These formations consist of rocks such as siltstones, mudstones and sandstones etc. I feel lucky to have all this at my doorstep.

Thank you for acknowledging the students from the University of Pretoria.

By Kris Nel (u15034722) (not verified) on 11 Apr 2015 #permalink

The blogs have been very informative to most, if not all, of us.
Thank you

By u15017568 (not verified) on 11 Apr 2015 #permalink

Thank you! It has been fun taking part in discussing the different articles.

By Melissa Pistorius (not verified) on 12 Apr 2015 #permalink

Thank you so much for the recognition and we appreciate the time you take to read through the comments so that we don't go unrecognised. Like my peer said previously, most of us are doing BScs in Biological sciences. - (15000894)

By I'd rather not say (not verified) on 12 Apr 2015 #permalink

PS. Those are some great pictures you posted of our magnificent wildlife. - (15000894)

By I'd rather not say (not verified) on 12 Apr 2015 #permalink

Thought I might specify South Africa's national animal, fish, plant and bird.
Animal: Springbok, which is also the symbol of our national rugby team.
Fish: Galjoen, is a smallish fish endemic to the cold southern coast waters of South Africa.
Plant: Protea, is a breathtakingly beautiful flower and also the symbol of our national cricket team.
Bird: Blue crane, is a tall majestic bird and quit a rare sight.

By Donovin van To… (not verified) on 12 Apr 2015 #permalink

Thank you for taking the time to read through our comments.
The photos you shared are magnificent, thank you for sharing them. I think it is important to sometimes take a break from all the busyness just to stop and admire the beautiful wildlife around us.

By Alessandra (not verified) on 12 Apr 2015 #permalink

South Africa has such a divers animal diversity, although very common, I must say that I just love the hadeda ibis birds here in Pretoria as well as the hoepoo such as the one in the photo however I rarely see them.

By Charldon, Vilj… (not verified) on 12 Apr 2015 #permalink

Its always great to see that our work and efforts are being recognized. This shows that you should always work hard cause you do not who is watching you. Thank you so much.

It is a great honor to be part of the UP community. This is really enlightening to seen that our efforts are not going unnoticed.

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

The springbok was a national symbol of South Africa under white minority rule (including a significant period prior to the establishment of Apartheid). It was adopted as a nickname or mascot by a number of South African sports teams. It appeared on the emblems of the South African Air Force, the logo of South African Airways and the Coat of Arms of South Africa.

The Springbok is still the national animal of South Africa. And is one of the fastest herbivores in South Africa.

It give me a great sense of pride that i am also among young great minds.Thanks for recognizing our university.


Thank you, Dr. Dolittle. Our country has an incredible wild life. I recently went on a mountain hike in Mamelodi with my cousins. Besides seeing the glorious view of my hometown, I was suprised to discover that there is a nature reserve called the Mothong African Heritage Site on the mountain we visited to. Without a price I got to see beautiful birds of various species and the biggest nesting site I have ever seen. My number one birds have to be the Hadada Ibises. I see them everywhere, even on campus. I like sharing my lunch with them sometimes, its very therapeutic.


I was impressed as well to discover so many nature reserves in your area.

Good day
We certainly appreciate your recognition of our work, but most importantly we appreciate the fact that you provide blogs with information that we will not 'read to forget'. It does not only take hard work to be a great student, it takes passion and dedication which go hand in hand with interest. It is you who places these things of interest in the midst of our learning, and for that we are grateful.

By Mpfuxelelo Makhubele (not verified) on 13 Apr 2015 #permalink

Reading and taking part in these blogs is such a learning experience for me and so many others in our university. It is really special to be recognised for the work done here, and I appreciate that you took the time to mention us.
I am a very keen birder, so I was very pleased that you added in a few pictures of species that occur in our area. Although I don't like to pick favourites, if I had to, the African Hoopoe would surely be high up on my list.

By Angela Rinsma … (not verified) on 13 Apr 2015 #permalink

Finally the world knows us. Its actually fun to read the blogs posted on this page. I learn new stuff everyday even though i find it hard to believe some of the stuff. i'm grateful that you care about our comments. 15254632

By Mankge N.S (not verified) on 13 Apr 2015 #permalink

Pretoria is indeed a great place, with magnificent wildlife very close to the city. Your recognition (and pictures) are much appreciated! (04648685)

We appreciate it,we thought our hardwork isn't recognized but we were wrong we will continue working hard and smart thank you Dr. Dolittle for recognizing our hard work u15176585

By vhalinavho (not verified) on 13 Apr 2015 #permalink

Thank you for your hard work and insightful comments.

Thank you for noticing, we really appreciate it.

By #13167482 (not verified) on 13 Apr 2015 #permalink

Wow the pictures are really fantastic...!Nature's beauty lies within its inhabitants at large. We all appreciate the recognition.(15142672)

By Thabang Matsei (not verified) on 14 Apr 2015 #permalink

Wow the picture are fantastic...!Nature's beauty lies within it's inhabitants at large. We all appreciate the recognition, and I personally appreciate the wildlife pictures.

By Thabang Matsei (not verified) on 14 Apr 2015 #permalink

I am a student at the UP and the birds on your blog lives in my garden, at home. Visitors to our garden also include the following: Rock pigeons, mourning doves, grey louries, scoops owl, woodland kingfisher, yellowbilled hornbill, crested barbet, flycatchers, sunbirds, weavers, forktailed drongo. My favourite is theyellowbilled hornbill that cries like a little puppy. What a priveledge to study at an excellent institution and live in a "bird sanctuary". 15026486

By Rens 15026486 (not verified) on 14 Apr 2015 #permalink

What a privilege to be recognized as a student of Tukkies (AKA University of Pretoria). I would have loved to paste a picture but, are learning the skill of scientific blogging and do not know how. May be you or my fellow students can guide me. :) I wanted to paste a picture of my dream. A Vet working on a Elephant in one of the many Wild life parks in South Africa. Like all students internationally I am studying for a dream. May it come true for each one of you!

By Johann Stadler (not verified) on 14 Apr 2015 #permalink

Thank you, it is very satisfying to see that our work is not going unnoticed. It is amazing to see that our wildlife is being appreciated from all over the world. My favorite is the Springbok. (15019901)

Thank you soo much we appreciate it, I am studying bsc physics

I feel quite proud and blessed to be part of this well-known university which is highly recognized internationally. Now i am being introduced to the blogging world, which is a highly awesome to be part of this, all thanks to tukkies.

By mbiza xongile (not verified) on 15 Apr 2015 #permalink

Thank you for all the time you put into writing these blog posts!
I'm studying bsc Actuarial sciences. The blogging is part of our LST (Language and study skills) compulsary subject and the most fun assignment so far.

We highly appreciate the fact that we are also being recognized through our hardworking spirit. Being part of Science community means a lot and through blogging we are gaining a better understanding about Sciences.

By Nemukula Mulalo (not verified) on 15 Apr 2015 #permalink

Wow it is amazing to see how much attention this blog is getting from students from the University of Pretoria! The photos posted are wonderful, South Africa is truly a land of beauty. I am studying a BSc in food science and I believe South Africa not only has beautiful fauna and flora but also a great agriculture and food industry. Check out the South African Association for Food Science and Technology if you're interested.

Dr. Dolittle I am new to your blogs. I would really like to know what other blogs you are doing because I would like to know what all this fuzz is about ( the ''thank you'' comments). I am looking forward to following your blogs.

By Stefan Koning … (not verified) on 16 Apr 2015 #permalink

I am a regular visitor to the "Rietvlei" nature reserve in Pretoria and agree with the array of wildlife and birds that are found in the reserve. Visiting the reserve is worthwhile.

I absolutely love this blog and finally i see our university name! so proud to be called a 'Tukkie' student. Thank you for the mention now the world knows about our amazing and diverse university! Pretoria truly is a colorful mix of people and cultures from not only South Africa but the world!

By M van Wyk (U15… (not verified) on 16 Apr 2015 #permalink

Blogging was not really my thing. Since I have started it, I find it very interesting as I get to gain new and refreshing knowledge. We really appreciate that you have been recognizing us the students of the UP. Thank you.


By Elwa Montshiwagagae (not verified) on 17 Apr 2015 #permalink

Thank you for your comment. It has been my pleasure as well.

Thanks for acknowledging us. This blogs help us to find more information, and we get a chance to learn from other people in the blog.12288269

By Brian Mahlangu (not verified) on 17 Apr 2015 #permalink

i appreciate the diversity of wildlife in South Africa,i just wish many people would also appreciate wildlife instead of endangering it.

By Tshegofatso Pooe (not verified) on 17 Apr 2015 #permalink

Thank you for the recognition Dr. Dolittle. Here follows a list of some of my favourite wildlife here in South Africa, do check them out and tell me your favourite, they are some interesting little guys. Meerkat, aardvark, aardwolf, wild dog, lilacbreasted roller, tsessebe, suni.

By Herman Rossouw… (not verified) on 17 Apr 2015 #permalink

I would have to say that meerkats are probably one of my favorites as well. But the lilac-breasted roller is perhaps one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen (link below). Thank you for sharing!

Dr Dolittle your blog is so full of life and beautiful. It makes me appreciate the value of those little creatures we see everyday, sadly we ignore their beauty

I appreciate the beauty of little creatures.I believe it is this little creatures that make the world a more special place

By u15156827 (not verified) on 17 Apr 2015 #permalink

Animals in South Africa are of great importance for our heritage and tradition.In addition we are the only country with greater diversity of animals that classify our landscapes as their home. (14165865)

By T.G Tsotetsi (not verified) on 17 Apr 2015 #permalink

I love the image of the Malachite Kingsher bird, very beautiful bird with its long beak and variety of colours on its feathers


By Tshegofatso Pooe (not verified) on 18 Apr 2015 #permalink

The pictures taken of the beautiful birds, just reminds me of the beauty of our wildlife in South Africa.

Thank you for wonderful blogs Dr.Dolittle

By TSHEGOFATSO POOE (not verified) on 18 Apr 2015 #permalink

These types of comments really make me feel proud South African.South Africa forever!

By Herman Rossouw… (not verified) on 19 Apr 2015 #permalink

Pretoria - truly has a lot of reserves to visit, some nice pics.

I love the picture of the "springbok" our rugby teams emblem.

South africa is such a spectacular country by looking at its riches by the abundance of wild life, plants, insects the are native to South Africa.

By Z.P. Booysen (… (not verified) on 19 Apr 2015 #permalink

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for being one of the few people that encourage students to read and comment on blogs. This has been a great experience for me and other students. We had a chance to expand our knowledge by reading through these blogs. Thank you for the pictures, they are beautiful and highly appreciated.

By Omphile Phala … (not verified) on 19 Apr 2015 #permalink

It is always a pleasure encouraging education. Good luck to all of you!

it feels good to know that we are recognized for our work. the is more to Pretoria than nature reserves and the wildlife and birds, its a wonderful place to be.