Spooky sharks

I came across this YouTube video of spooky sharks. How appropriate before Halloween!

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Happy Halloween! The day just would not be complete without goblin spiders. Check out this neat YouTube video I came across describing species found in Ecuador.
Enjoy this video of how animals at the Brookfield Zoo celebrated Halloween early this year. Happy Halloween!
So the BBC Earth facebook page has put up a photo album of animal factoids under the Halloween inspired theme of "Trick or Treat?" The idea is that you have to guess whether an animal fact is true or not, then you click to the next photo to see if you were right. Those who have read this blog will…
Halloween has been branded satanic by some, but those of us who have all our marbles know that its just spooky fun revolving around old legends and trappings of fall. As a kid I loved watching "The Great Pumpkin" episode of Peanuts that was ubiquitous around this time of the year. It never got old…