This Is a "Blog of Substance"? Really? Because... ten word summary is as informative as a Science or Nature paper.


So Byte Size Biology tagged me with the "Blog of Substance" meme, originally developed by Bora. I usually don't participate in internet meme-ey things because I'm just too persnicketty to write about what other people want me to. I really don't like the concept of "meme" either. But this I can get behind:

Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in exactly 10 words.

Unfortunately, this blog's raison d'être is nineteen words long:

Because it's marginally more productive than firing Nerf projectiles at my teevee machine when it makes me angry.

I think we can cut this down:

It's more productive than firing Nerf projectiles at my TV when it angers me.

Still too long... How about:

It's more productive than firing Nerf projectiles at my TV.

Kinda misses the point--although we're getting closer to the glamour magz version. Let's see:

It's more productive than smashing my TV when I'm angry.

I fit the format! And not it obscures important detail, but lacks the punch of the original.

Glamour magz, here we come!

The other thing I'm supposed to do is tag ten people, so here we go:

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More like this

It's more productive than smashing my TV when I'm angry.

Expanding the contractions, that's twelve words. </pedant>
Another alternative:

Smashing my TV in anger is less productive.

Pity that "productive-er" is not a wordL

"Productive-er than angry tv-smashing".

Bwahaha! Four words, but resorting to a) a compound reified noun and b) a word I just made up.

"Nerfing." You just need a new verb, and then you can do it. Make up words - that's why we're writers, right?


except that "to nerf" is already a verb that means something different. oh well.

By Nomen Nescio (not verified) on 02 Aug 2010 #permalink

Thank you very much for this article!
For a long time I have done exactly what you warn against. This article was a slap in the face - but a needed one.
That being said, what is the value of an intuitive explanation? Is it to give a lay person an "ah-ha" moment? Is it good to have SOME understanding, even if it is "vague and mush?"