The Real Cost of Budget 'Savings': The Firestorm Edition

Last week, a story about a burning North Carolina wildlife refuge that forced the evacuation of an entire town (said town was spared thankfully) came over the transom. What struck me was this little bit:

Meanwhile, single-engine tanker aircraft and helicopters dropped water on the fire. Federal incident management teams and volunteer firefighters from across the region were providing manpower.

The absence of the state-owned CL 215 "Super Scooper" amphibious aircraft has hampered efforts to contain the blaze, Crews said.

So why is there no SOOPAH SCOOPAH? Guess:

The firefighting craft has been mothballed by the state due to lack of funds for upgrades and repairs.

Crews said the Super Scooper was designed to remove up to 3,000 gallons per trip directly from a water source and dump it on the fire.

"If we'd had the CL 215, we'd have been able to stop this fire by now, there's no doubt in my mind," Crews said

But rich people pay too much in taxes. And teachers are corrupt mob bosses. Or something.

Maybe a liberal is a batshitloonitarian who burnt himself out of his house. Bring new meaning to 'going Galt.'

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