My Music

Since we now know that a person's music says a lot about what that person's like, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about myself by sharing some of my music. I can't give you a list of my ten favorite songs (the data Rentfrow and Gosling used in their study), because to be honest, my favorite songs change on an almost daily basis. So instead, I'll give you one song from each of the last ten albums I've listened to. They're not necessarily my favorite songs from those albums, because I was restricted to what I could find freely available online, but I do really like each of these songs. Most of them you've probably heard before, but if you see one you don't recognize, give it a listen, and see what you can learn about me. Also, you should all feel free to provide a list of ten songs they love in the comments to this post (or on your own blogs, and giving a link in comments), so we can learn a little about you too. If you send me a link to your top ten list, I'll add it to the end of this post.

Screenwriter's Blues - Soul Coughing

Mississippi Goddamn - Nina Simone (And I mean every word of it!)

Fearless - Pink Floyd

Dead Weight on Velveteen - Jose Gonzalez

I Just Wasn't Made for These Times - The Beach Boys (debate whether Pet Sounds was better than Sgt Pepper in comments)

God Bless the Child - Eric Dolphy (two words: friggin' incredible)

Somebody to Love - Queen (I love Freddie, and this really is my favorite Queen song)

Hard Time Killin' Floor - Chris Thomas King

My Favorite Things - John Coltrane (The sound quality kinda suck, but still, damn. And what does it say about me that I have a version of this as a ringer on my cell phone?)

The Only Answer - Mike Doughty

Oh, and I stole the idea of using YouTube for some of the music from Brandon.

UPDATE: Some other top ten lists (don't forget to send me yours!):

Rob of Galactic Interactions, including Brahms and Kool and the Gang. Figure that guy out.

The Half-Century Old PZ MYers: He's got some Floyd on there, so he has to be cool.

Janet of Adventures in Ethics and Science: She lists a Nina song, so she has to be even cooler.

Steve of OmniBrain: Dangit, now "Watching the Detectives" will be stuck in my head for days.

Karmen of Chaotic Utopia: Violent Femmes! Cooool.

Amanda of Flop Eared Mule (and her commenters): Coincidentally, Townes Van Zandt just missed the last 10 albums I've listened to by one. I would have gone with "To Live Is to Fly," though, because for some reason, I absolutely adore that song.

Dave of Cognitive Daily: Miles Davis is God.

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I'm so vain I think I every single song is about me. Dave wants us to "make a music mix that is a reflection of your informative years." I have no idea what he means by informative years, so I'm going to give you a list of a dozen or so songs (Dave's suggested amount) that I like, each by a…
If my twentieth high school reunion last year was any indication, we seem to hang on to the music we listened to as adolescents longer than any other time period. Everyone was dancing to "Purple Rain" and "Rock Lobster" like the music written in 1984 was the best ever written. A 1996 study…
Over at The World's Fair, David Ng is sorting his records autobiographically, and encouraging others to do the same: If you make a music mix that is a reflection of your informative years, what would those dozen or so songs be, and maybe more interesting, why? You don't have to be proud of the song…

Hmmmm, I really like that Mike Doughty song. Never heard of him. And I love Mississippi Goddamn but if I had to pick one Nina song it would probably be something sooky like Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl or the like, which probably means I eschew cofrontation (on account of being the youngest child, of course) for the safer contemplation of introspective personal concerns. Or something. ;-)

I absolutely LOVE Coltrane's My Favourite Things. Didn't make my top ten though. (This chart is just scrobbled plays, not all-time top 10.)

I took the test but didn't think it was accurate since it left out genres I'd peg as simple or dancey, or jazzy, or a mixture, and I rule out anything classified "religious" but of course like stuff like Billie Holiday's God Bless the Child. Also I don't understand why they insisted on linking my category to the province I grew up in (there isn't just one) or parent's socioeconomic class. But whatever.

My Music Personality

I'm a huge Doughty fan. I actually cheated by including two songs by him here. He was the front man for Soul Coughing.
"The Only Answer" is my favorite from his solo work.

Thanks, I'll check Soul Coughing out too later -- but I'm at work and for some really stupid reason they won't let me access YouTube. ;-)

Eric Dolphy Rules. One of my most favourite artists, ever. He is criminally underrated, many of his contemporaries wrote him off as just plain crazy, not an easy feat if you look a t the time frame.