R.I.P. Richard Rorty


I just learned that Richard Rorty died Friday. I was a big fan of his work as an undergrad, and at that time both Consequences of Pragmatism and Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity had a big influence on my thinking. I suppose they still do indirectly, though I'm less impressed with them now than I was then. He was one of the (very) few contemporary philosophers whom I found really inspiring, even when he was downright frustrating. So I'm sad to hear he's no longer around. Love him or hate him, English-language philosophy needs many more people writing interesting, far-reaching, and far-sighted philosophy, and can't afford to lose any of those who are.

UPDATE: Here are some other people's thoughts on Rorty's passing that I've come across:

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If you have posted your own reflections, let me know. It's nice to see such a broad range of people, from physicists and analytic philosophers to broadly continental sorts, remembering him fondly. Like I said, far-reaching.


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Oh. I'd become a big fan of his work in the past six months -- in other words, I was becoming more and more anti-foundationalist -- and just spend yesterday afternoon reading a few essays in his "Philosophy and Social Hope". Sad...