Weird Things I've Seen Lately

These pictures aren't my own, but they're of the weird things I've seen lately.


Coal Skink


White Grackle

This one was hanging out with about 5,000 (I shit you not) grackles of the normal black variety, so it stuck out like a sore thumb. And having been around grackles all my life, I'd never seen a white one before. It's an omen, I'm sure. Prepare for the apocalypse.

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Can't see the eyes, but the legs are pink (note, his friends have black legs). so this is probably an albino. Apparently albino grackles are not common as statistics go, but there are so many grackles (blackbirds for those who don't know grackles) that they are reported on occasion. I've never seen one in >50 years of looking at birds.

I just took a picture of one today that is White with black tail. I have bird watched for a long time and never had seen one before.

I just photographed one today... thankfully LOTS of pics!
That pic above is definitely an albino grackle.. nice pic, too!