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Belief in Evolutionary Psychology May Be Hardwired, Study Says.

(Cartoon from here. And yes, French was spoken in the EEA.)

In related news, a new study has determined that "cognitive linguistics" is just a metaphor for the way the mind actually works.

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But of course! When a group of people express a similar behavior pattern, such as defending racist conclusions or making ev-psych style explanations, there can only be one possible explanation: there must be a genetic basis for the behavior. I can't imagine any other reason.
In the previous entry, I made some disparaging remarks about conceptual metaphor theory (CMT), and George Lakoff specifically. I also noted that, in my experience,, the psycholinguist Raymond Gibbs, Jr. is the only one in the cognitive linguistics who seriously addresses the evidence and…
Discriminating against people who do not speak your language is a big problem. A new study suggests that the preferences that lead to these problems are hard-wired at a very young age. Even five-month-old infants, who can't speak themselves, have preferences for native speakers and native accents…
More fluff while I grade papers... While you're giving me your puns (see below), you should also give me your best (slightly) pejorative and (hopefully) funny descriptions of cognitive psychology/science. The two best I've heard, both from the same attention researcher, are: "Cognitive psychology…

And I suppose cognitive psychologists will discover that the brain actually is a computer.

Well, it is a computer. Hell, your retina is a computer by itself, even. I don't think, at this point, anyone would deny that it's a machine, and that it does computations, so by definition it's a computing machine, i.e., a computer.

Yes, indeed. I'm glad you guys figured it out. And just think, all from a metaphor.

This ia a joke... So please mention that it is a joke! Some people may think that article is for real... I actually thought that for a while..

By Robin Brandt (not verified) on 01 Nov 2007 #permalink

Yes, all jokes should come with labels letting you know it is a joke.

(This is a joke).