Ambushed by incoming memes

Apparently the leafy green banner above is insufficient camouflage in the blogosphere.  The Myrmecos Blog has been noticed by the meme-passers.  Three times this week.

Bug Girl has tagged me with the "Six Random Things".  Adrian Thysse would rather have me do "Five Things".  And Huckleberry Days linked me with a "Superior Scribbler Award".

This unexpected recognition gives me plenty to blog about apart from the usual buggy fare, but the meme-passers will have to forgive me if I take my time.  It's a busy week. I'm giving the departmental seminar tomorrow, and I've got piles of new RNA polymerase sequences to process for the braconid project.

Plus, we've just had our first real snow here in Champaign.  And for the moment I'd rather gaze out the window at the white wonderland and sip my coffee.  I will get to the memes, though.

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