Mingus the Cat


This shot was taken in the natural ambience of our living room with the soft light of a rainy dusk filtering through the windows. I coaxed Mingus the Cat to the top of the bookshelf with some treats and waited for him to check out the boquet.

Owing to the lack of light I used a fast lens (Canon's 35mm f2.0 prime) open to f2.0 at ISO 1600.

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Macrophotography, as applied to Mingus the Cat. photo details: Canon 35mm f2.0 lens with a 12mm extension tube, Canon EOS 20D ISO 400, f/5, 1/100 sec, indirect strobe
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So . . . does Mingus use the toilet instead of a litter box?

(Anyone who names their cat Mingus should know what I'm talking about.)

Do you have a canine named Underdog for Mingus to get beneath? Or maybe a rat named Faubus (because that would be totally hip).

Damn, HP beat me to it...

It's even more mundane than that. Mingus doesn't fight Haitians, and he doesn't use the toilet. But he's definitely jazz cat, a vocal improviser, and he enjoys string. Plus, like his namesake, he was born in southern Arizona.

Your mention of the 1600 ISO reminds me that though I've heard that one can shorten shutter speeds in low light with high ISOs, and have done so a few times, I have no idea how this works, and what the possible repercussions are. Maybe you'll blog about this, or have some good links for me to visit...

By James C. Trager (not verified) on 19 May 2010 #permalink

That's a great idea, James. I'll put up an ISO post soon.