Summer 2010 Bug Fashion: Stripes! Bright Colors!

The bold, playful style of Graphocephala coccinea, the candy-striped leafhopper, is all the rage this season:



photo details:

Canon EOS 7D camera

Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5x macro lens

ISO 100, f/13, 1/250sec

diffused twin flash

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Alex: Did you CO2 the hopper in order to allow specimen placement, focusing, etc? What is the secret of sneaking up on hoppers?
Thanks, Don

That first photo is awesome, has been my iPhone background for a week now!


The secret here was attrition. I found about ten or so of these little guys on a bush, and I just sort of tried them one after the other until I found a relatively sedentary individual. As you can see the insect has its mouthparts plugged into a leaf vein, making it perhaps a little more reluctant to move.