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Here are some more new members of the ever-growing online neuroscience community:

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Yesterday, a bunch of us (e.g., Paul, Brian, Ruby, Wayne, Jackson, Mark and me) got together for tea at Anton's house, analyzed the past year of bloggy activity and plotted to take over the world next year: meetups (a.k.a. beer-blogs-bowling events), science blogging conference, faithblogging,…
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Gareth Furber, author of the PsychSplash blog, has just launched a new website called PsychAntenna: ever-growing showcase of psychology-related websites, blogs, podcasts and journals that utilize RSS to broadcast their content, [whose] goal is to help clinicians, researchers and students...…
Tom Cavanaugh has a wonderful article at Reason Online about the ever-growing cabal of organizations that exist solely to take offense at how their group is portrayed. What sparked this? How about a proposed law in Hungary outlawing blonde jokes. No, that's not a joke.