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A few neuroscience blogs I've come across recently, most of them new:

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The blogroll toward the bottom of the sidebar on the left displays 15 random links from the list below. 10,000 Birds 3 Quarks Daily Abu Aardvark Acephalous Ad Hominin Advances in the History of Psychology All in the Mind Anna's Bones The Annotated Budak Bad Astronomy Bad Science Bering…
Research Digest blog, the highly useful and content-rich site that tracks all things psych, just opened its "The Bloggers Behind the Blogs," series, which will run ten interviews with bloggers of mind and brain. It's with a nice interview of Jesse Bering, of Bering in Mind. It's a dandy line-up (of…
Here are a number of new neuroscience blogs that I've come across recently: Neuropathology Blog - by Brian E. Moore, an assistant professor in the Department of Pathology at Southern Illinois University's School of Medicine. This is a welcome addition to the blogosphere, as neuropathology is a…
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Very honored to be on your list of neuroscience blogs. As a psychiatrist neuroscience is part of my interest and research and I hope my posts on this subject will be of interest for many readers. Since I am an amateur in this field I hope to explain the neuroscience especially in relation to behavior and psychiatry as readable as possible, thanks and regards,
Dr Shock

Thanks for the nod to Neuronism! I think my hit count that day went to something like 5 times the previous record. That's the kind of impact your site has - and it's well deserved. Keep up the great work.