Laziness takes a lot of work!

I got tired of spending 30 seconds crawling around under the table to unplug the printer cable from my home computer every time I want to print something off my laptop. Logically, the solution is to spend an hour setting up a secure home network so that I can sit on my ass, ten feet away, and print without getting up.

Except that I still have to get up and turn on the desktop so that I can access the printer from my laptop. Pathetic.

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...either get a network print server, or get one of those swanky printers that connects directly to the network either wired or wirelessly. :-) Went through all this myself a couple of months back.

Airport express. It's a cheap wireless hub with ports for a USB printer and an audio jack. I can sit on my deck with my laptop, stream iTunes to my stereo, print anything I want, and occasionally scream to my wife to bring me a tall cold glass of iced tea. It's paradise!