Overtime 1-1

Now I'm nervous. The closer we get to a shootout, the more Italy has to be concerned. I don't think they have the shooters that France does, even with having an edge in their goalie Buffon.

Although they did substitute in Del Piero, so their chances of winning in OT have increased. Shit....

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Overtime? What is this "overtime" of which you speak?

Can always tell when people watch most of their football on ESPN... ;)

There was a series of Budweiser adverts running during the world cup with a pair of American anchors talking about the games in that "we get it, but we don't *quite* get it" way that people of nations where football is well down the sporting pop chart do.

"So what do you think of the diving?"
"Diving? I thought we were watching football...".

Anyway, ESPN's habit of making up new names for things in the game, like "PKs" and "GKs" and "OT" is just a little grating. It's "Extra Time", if you please...

I've enjoyed reading your posts on the World Cup, nice to get a different perspective from the other side of the Pond.

If it humors you, I have found myself referring to the game as "football" lately, without even thinking about it....

Pssst... they're called "sports commentators" :) And yes, ours suck.

Aren't the guys behind the desk back in the studio the anchors? Or are anchors just for "news"?

As for football - I'm having a minor nightmare as I'm moving to Australia very soon, where there are *two* sports called "footie" and neither of them is football... ;-)