SchadenFriday Late Edition: Hovind's lawyer too?

One of my readers (kewl, I have readers!) informed me that Kent Hovind's lawyer might also be in a bit of legal trouble. It seems that Glen Stoll of Washington state is in a pickle as well. Stoll is Hovind's lawyer, and has ownership of the embroiled Dinosaur Adventure Land House of Lies creationist theme park ever since a property dispute involving a lack of building permits.

It looks like this guy is a total scam artist. Emphasis mine.

The court found that Stoll, who falsely claimed to be a lawyer, and his businesses sell a fraudulent "corporation sole" and "ministerial trust" scheme, falsely telling customers that conducting their business activities and funding their lifestyles through a so-called ministerial trust eliminates their obligations to file federal tax returns and pay federal tax. The court found that one customer, after being contacted by the IRS for an audit, voluntarily filed two delinquent tax returns showing more than $40,000 in taxes due. The court also found that despite IRS audits of many of the defendants' customers, the defendants continued to promote the fraudulent scheme, for which they charged at least $4,000, plus $120 for seminars and hourly consulting fees.

So he's faked being a lawyer and is involved in numerous quasi-religio-anarcho-libertarian Ponzi tax schemes. Now there's a set of family values for you!!!

Hat tip to Dsamsil.

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Nice post. Can you cite a source that says Stoll is part-owner of Dinosaur Adventure Land?