SFN blogging: Jake's been deflowered

Almost too cute for words. Poor SFN conference virgin Jake just got his cherry popped. I tried to warn him that this conference is nuts, but does anybody ever listen to me? NOOOOO.

This afternoon had a good run of posters relating to transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's Disease. Got me thinking a bit about the utility of these models and what we're really testing with them. Ok ok, so I already thought about all this stuff before but I realized that I need to do a blog post on them. I'll collect my thoughts on the matter and get back to you, dear reader. In the meantime, I got to hit Publisher's Row and pick up some new reading material. Already found myself a nice anthology on theories of mind; used to be a favorite neuro-hobby of mine but I had to set it aside to finish the degree, and consequently I've forgotten much of what I ever knew. I plan on refreshing my memory and bringing that topic to the blog so that all 5 of my readers can learn along with me, if they're interested.

In the meantime, there's a 5:15 symposium about the molecular aspects of AD that I plan on writing up if the talk is good. After that, off to dinner with my Ph.D. mentor and her old lab-mates.

Oh, and pssst.... Jake-

PS. There is perhaps the geekiest guy on Earth hitting on a girl across from me. He is like Napoleon Dynamite. The kid has no chance, but it warms my heart to see him try. He is trying to explain to her the wonderous complexity of his hippocampal cultures. That is what the ladies are into you know.

No way man. Chicks dig monkeys. Give her a monkey and you win her heart. Or at least a hefty cleaning bill.

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Just a monkey? No, he should have given her a half monkey half pony monster.