Tangled Bank.... finally!!!!

Welcome to the latest edition of the Tangled Bank! We appear to have a smaller bank than normal this week, perhaps everybody is exhausted after the Valentine's Day festivities. As for me, well, 2006 ended on an extremely bad series of notes and that has unfortunately spilled over into 2007, but that's a post for another time. Coupled with some lovely computer issues, The Bank is a couple days late. Apologies all around and I'm swearing off hosting any blog carnivals until I get my life (and computer) in order.

As a side note, when you submit articles to TB please make a conscious effort to stick to the topic at hand, mainly science and medicine-related material, broadly defined, and try to only submit one article per week for a maximum of two articles. We've been getting a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with biology or medicine.

First off, we have Grrlscientist's freaky obsession with moths. While tiny gyroscopes at the base of moth antennae tell them how to fly straight, I'm much more concerned with the fact that moths have apparently learned to imitate spiders. This freaky exploration into the evolution of mimicry has me concerned for the safety of us all.... It may save the moths from predation by spiders, but who's going to save US!??!?!

Maybe Senegalese Chimps hunting with spears will protect us from those giant morphing moths? Matilda will tell us.

Jeffrey presents Apologia for Evolution posted at The Soggy Liberal. While some of it might be material we heard before, it never hurts to hear it again because the forces of creationism just can't stop rehashing tired arguments. Thanks Jeffrey!

Jbruno submits an interesting piece based upon a AAAS Symposium: The Dynamics of Social Extinction. Posted at The Voltage Gate, check out this summary of recent findings.

Jon Swift has a piece about the new Conservapedia that addresses some ridiculous implications of redefining science based upon a narrow sectarian viewpoint. Because apparently, Conservative = Christian. Who are these people, and like Jon Swift asks, what are they smoking?

Greg Laden sends us an interesting piece about phenlyketonuria. PKU: An exploration of a metabolic disease posted at Evolution ... Not Just a Theory Anymore. Good stuff about a disease that doesn't get much coverage.

Hate reading annotated stories? How about annotated DNA? Ferdinand T. Cat presents The 48-Hour Key to Understanding DNA posted at Conservative Cat.

Can merely the SMELL of food reverse the benefits of caloric restriction? Research in drosophila suggests this might be so. Find out more from Sunil.

Tim Abbott sets off my environmentalism alarm with Rubber Reefs. Rubber Reefs? What the hell, you ask? Find out for yourself at When the Rubber Hits the Reef posted at Walking the Berkshires.

Ever wondered why PZ Myers is such a nice person when you meet him, but an insufferable horse's ass online? Science provides you with the answer. Biotunes discusses the biology behind and implications of recent research showing that people are more likely to be obnoxious to another over the internet than they are face-to-face. Ironically, this scientific explanation will make Dr. Myers happy (sorry PZ, gotta pick on ya).

Mike at 10,000 Birds takes a look at two very similar Aythya duck species and determines that he loves those redheads.

Ever wondered what sort of archaeological excavations take place in Sweden? Find out over at Aardvarchaeology.

It's all glitz, glam, and high society with Alex as he lets the mensch know what scientists discuss at dinner parties.

Here's a nice primer on strong and weak acids from Lab Cat.

Development is interesting! Just ask PZ. That's why he gives us The Basics Behind Gastrulation.

Gambia's President can cure AIDS with a wave of his hand! No seriously! Hey, Tara said it, it must be true!!!.

That's it folks! Thanks for reading! GrrlScientist over at Living the Scientific Life will have the next edition on March 14th. I recommend everybody go to Tangled Bank to get their submissions rollin'!

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It's the same reason that people are rude to other drivers: you can't see the look on their faces; you're just being rude to a huge metal beetle. Gee, I wonder if that means PZ is an aggressive driver, too?