Reason #1183903 why the NIH is ducking fumb, or GET YOUR CHALLENGE GRANTS NOW

Challenge grant review assignments went out today. You know, the ones so essential to revitalizing the economy? Not surprisingly the reviews are due back soon- June 5th.

To access the challenge grants you use eRA Commons. However, eRA commons is going to be offline for the next five days for a massive infrastructure upgrade. Which means if you don't get your review assignment downloaded tonight, you can't access it until May 26th.

Genius. Download your grant assignments now, if you're reading this.


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I heard a beep from my RSS aggregator, looked at my other monitor, looked back at this one, and then I got this from each of the three PubMed tabs I'd just opened:

backend-exception Exception from Backend: bePfetch (%23PmXmlSrv): Error+11+(Resource+temporarily+unavailable)

I think it... knows.

You said: Reason #1183903 why the NIH is ducking fumb, or GET YOUR CHALLENGE GRANTS NOW.

Here's a grant for you: I was suffering from brain cancer,
borderline terminal, NIH accepted me as a research patient.
They saved my life with a radical chemotherapy procedure. That was back in 2004-I'm still here, and I'm grateful! Thanks

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