Weekly Dose of Cute: Baby Fish!

Sure adult fish are rarely considered cute. But c'mon - their babies are downright adorable!

A little Convict Tang in Hanauma Bay (photo by moi)

Baby puffer c/o AndreaHarner.com

Little Guppies c/o Maddie's Home

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I was going to try and do something non-furry to continue to explore cuteness on other branches of the tree of life, but this little guy just made my heart melt and I couldn't, in good conscience, post anything else. HT ZoobornsThis adorable little cub is a Black Jaguar, born on April 14th in Peru…
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Yesterday, we snorkeled Hanauma Bay. It's simply one of the most fantastic places to see Hawaiian fish. So, instead of trying to regurgitate the experience, I thought I'd give you all a little lesson in fish ID - Hawaiian style! Meet Canthigaster jactator, the Hawaiian Spotted Puffer. This species…

i just love the puffer fish cute i was going to buy one but i boght instead two nooisy frogs(sam and sammy) that keep having about 50 eggs each week!>:( not fair sence they eat them i have to put each one by one with a tooth pick in another cup because they would eat them

By estrellita (not verified) on 16 Jun 2011 #permalink

cool i luv fish

By monkey girl (not verified) on 15 Mar 2012 #permalink