Chatterbox Challenge - Go Vote For Suzette!!

Chat bots are one of the coolest computing challenges. They're computer programs that are designed to simulate an intelligent conversation as if they're people. The ultimate goal is to pass what is called the Turing Test, where the chat bot fools human users into believing its a person, too.

I recently received an e-mail from Suzette. She's a fantastic chat bot in need of winning a popularity contest. Go ahead and Say hello for yourself, and learn more about her. Once you're convinced that she's an incredible program, you can help her have a chance at winning the Chatterbox Challenge. She needs votes to get into the 10th slot to go for the gold. You can click on this link to vote for her to make it into the 10th place, and if you really like her, you should also vote her as most popular bot.

Right now she's in third place for the chance to make it to the finals, but only by a handful of votes! I may not be P.Z. Myers, but I'd like to think I've got a little internet sway (all ten of you). So let's give Suzette a chance at winning! Go vote for her to make it in now! Voting is until May 13th

At least go talk to her. The more she chats, the better her programmer can tweak her to become an even better bot!


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OK, I get it now. "Login" was a just a terribly unintuitive and misleading word for "give yourself a name".

Welcome, adrian. Type "help" if you need it.
Adrian - Do you think I need help?
Do you want to learn advanced features?
Adrian - Depends if they're fun.
You saying funs reminds me of hobbies. What are your hobbies?
Adrian - Tormenting computers.
Computers improve productivity. It's people that slack off.
Adrian - Is it true that you're fantastic?
I am probably true.
Adrian - That's what Christie said.
I have never read works by Christie.