3 Quarks Daily Semi-Finalists Have Been Announced!

i-793a3dd3bc18f5af7c6df91761a80b7b-3quarksdailysemifinalist.gifSorry to be so late to the announcement party - my stupid, f-cking lovely computer has decided that it doesn't feel like connecting to the internets anymore, so I'm a little hard up for online time.

Anyhoo, thank you to everyone who voted for Observations of a Nerd! Thanks to you, my post "Evolution: The Curious Case Of Dogs" has made it to the semi-final round. You can see all the other semi-finalists here.

There's some stiff competition in there, notably from fellow generalist sci-blogger Ed Yong, my favorite botanist Margaret, and a slew of scibling like Scicurious, Jason Goldman, and Eric Michael Johnson.

Good luck to everyone, and I'll let you know if my post sneaks into the finals which will then be judged by Richard Dawkins!

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I bumped into the 3 quarks contest through Carl Zimmer's The Loom, and found your page. I truly appreciate your writing a science column that is interesting to me and entertaining for my 9 year old daughter. She's not looking for science sites herself yet, but she'll sit on my lap and let me read to her *and then she'll ask me questions.* For that I cannot thank you enough.

By Ben Capoeman (not verified) on 10 Jun 2010 #permalink