Hm... I think I like the one on the right a little better.

Wave breaking in Alabama (Photographer Dave Martin/AP) versus wave in Hawaii (Photographer Clark Little)
oil spill wave.jpgi-bf6c0d22d567ac6369982c10f99d8655-Endless by Clark Little.png

Which do you prefer?

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So… Fuck yeah! (Photograph from 2006)

Disgusting on one hand, but fascinating on another, in that it is shows surface tension/intermolecular attraction physics in action. Since the H-bonding water molecules prefer each other so much that they (tend to) squeeze out the hydrocarbons that merely bond by London dispersion forces, and the latter has little surface tension attraction to the water, the tarballs are along the ridge, and break first.

Makes me wonder about any differences in solution composition in the water in the ridge/break and the main bulk of the wave in the more pleasing wave to the right.

Makes me wonder if we shouldn't be drilling closer to shore. That way, any problems would be (A) easier to get to and (B) less widespread.