Miss America's Brain

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Check out this fark photoshop contest using neurons. Here's one of my favorites:
Ahh Halloween - when neuroscientists find all sorts of fake brains for sale and recipes to create them. This is our yearly reposting of the greatest brain recipe of all time. This recipe was inspired by the one Alton Brown did a few years back. I liked the idea but wasn't thrilled with the recipe…
Fark is having an octopus photoshop contest — most of the entries make me go "eh", but there are a few nice ones. Phil Plait thinks this could be a symbol of rapprochement between the brilliant analysts of the natural world at Pharyngula and those slack-jawed people who stare dully at the sky at…

ewwwwwwwwwww but soooooooo kewl

Who says she doesn't have a brain? I bet you know absolutely nothing about pageants, you're probably some wannabe who got shot down by a beautiful pageant contestant. Do you even know their names?

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