This morning we took it easy - a little shopping for kids, some cakes at Veniero (white is shampita, brown is Napoleon), a little walk, including past the Museum Of Sex (did not have time to go in, though), with the special exhibit about sex in animals (including this, of course). Then a long wait at the new JetBlue terminal at JFK which is nice, big and technically very modern. Now at home, exhausted - tomorrow is a new (work)day!

i-2cb8588ad55f31030ed2dacbec0834d6-NYC 025.jpg
i-84f787e2d81262b9be75e91a2c4e0873-NYC 026.jpg
i-06eb2db03d59b4dba9f18136708d0ffc-NYC 027.jpg
i-3315f3b2bbfe9e0997c19ff12ddd0999-NYC 028.jpg
i-9b6bb365bfc470dd2b37fbb793f0f858-NYC 029.jpg
i-6190e321133fb73c1ab9ea4cb96ac8c4-NYC 030.jpg

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In a [previous post](/dotphysics/2008/09/basics-making-graphs-with-kinematics-stuff-part-ii/), I talked about how to plot kinematics data with a spread sheet and how to fit a quadratic function to the data. In the back of my head I remember "Don't trust Excel". I seem to recall someone claiming…
Well, at least you might think this was my mission statement if you were an incoherent, demented kook, anyway. (Hat tip to Bay of Fundie)

Oh dear - you made a big mistake there Coturnix when you mentioned sex and animals in the same post. :) I made the same mistake about two months ago and once the great God Google recorded that indiscretion I've had an amazing 9K+ visits from people, mostly from Turkey and surrounding areas, who. one must suppose, are devoted students of animal husbandry. Good luck :)

Ah, I've used that combo many times before - had an entire series of posts, in fact. Works wonders for traffic. Spam-catcher is pretty good and I catch the occasional stray Turkish spam quickly and delete it with glee ;-)