The Omni Brain First Birthday Party

i-0ef534dff2f2a1dce2fb6a60f29fd633-Birthdaycakefirst.jpgIt was one year ago today that I made the first post to Omni Brain. I never imagined we would do this well.

In the last year Omni Brain has undergone many many changes, the biggest of which have been Sandra of Neurofuture fame joining the blog, and moving to ScienceBlogs.

B-List Blogger We started with not-even 3000 page views in our first full month and now receive tens of thousands of page views and visitors - which is pretty great for a smart ass little science blog! Our Technorati ranking has also grown by leaps and bounds; near 14,000 today.

Thanks everyone, for reading and for all your lively comments - even the Scientologists and spammers! (I really love when I find a comment on an old thread directing me to a site selling porn or sexual performance enhancers.) We're looking forward to this second year in blogging!

Oh yeah... check out the ScienceBlogs interview with yours truly

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Happy birthday bloggy boy! (and Sandra, too). The energy you kids have keeps me young and gives me hope for the future. Loved your interview on Page 3.14 also.

Happy birthday, you crazy kids. Thanks for giving me another way to avoid doing work. Steve and Sandra are the main reasons I don't have any substantial publications out lately... yeah... ;)

congratulations! I lurk, but I come here every day--and must have done so from near the beginning. I think maybe I was steered here by a Skeptics Circle--maybe. Anyway it takes a lot of work and dedication to provide us ungrateful lurkers with so much good content--so many thanks.

Thanks everyone! Steve will be back tomorrow and I'm sure he will comment too.

It's been an interesting journey. When I started with Omni Brain it was simply an outlet for jokey stuff, bizarre and funny things related to the brain that didn't fit my other blogs. I come across so much in the course of keeping informed. It wasn't a serious thing, just for fun. And now? It's a highly lucrative career (not) but still just for fun. I'm glad I amuse a few of you.

Thank you, Steve, for giving me the opportunity and for being an awesome, fun co-blogger.

thanks everyone!!!